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Thanks to@AWA #AWA for the ideas generated in their retrospective.

What We Learned at Our 1st World Retrospective Day Retro – Adventures with Agile

What We Learned at Our 1st World Retrospective Day Retro To mark the world’s first “world retrospective day” we teamed up with the #play14 London team to run a retrospective on the AWA community. We hadn’t done something like this before so we were extremely excited to see how the evening would play out and…

Lingvist – First Learnings & Clean Feedback

I´ve been trying Lingvist for 3 days now: I am at 289 words in Spanish.

What worked well for me:

Perception: Number of words learned
Inference: I am making progress
Impact: It keeps me motivated

Perception:  Showing number of words on scale of being able to read normal text (2000 words mean 80% (Pareto!))
Inference: I know where I am on the scale I want to reach. 80% is enough for me right now.
Impact: It gives me goal and context of what I am trying to achieve

Perception: When I get it wrong, it highlights the spelling mistake by making the letter red, not the whole word
Inference: That is the right focus, without being overly schoolmastery
Impact: I feel treated well as a student (not dwelling on the mistake)

Perception: When I get it wrong, sometimes it shows me explanations
Inference: That is thoughtful
Impact: I can learn from my mistake and understand the why

What didn´t work so well:

Perception: Challenges as a list
Inference: I am not sure which challenges to take
Impact: I am not particularly motivated to take the challenges

What I would have preferred:
Can you tell me what is the purpose of the challenges is and/or could you recommend challenges automatically based on best language acquisition practices?

Perception: 20 new words a day
Inference: for my goal of 80% (2000 words) this means it will take me 85 days
Impact: I am wondering if it would be a good thing to change to the premium plan to achieve that goal faster.

What I would have preferred:
Can you tell me how much time it approximately takes on a daily basis, so I know if that is feasible (and I don´t regret having the premium plan and not using it)?

Perception: I get info about adverbs but my question is about something else
Inference: I wonder if this is the right info at this point in time
Impact: I am somewhat disappointed to not get the info about “place” I want (ahi, alli etc.)

What I would have preferred:
Can you check if this the right info at the right time? I would have preferred to know more about the differences between locations.