How to lose an argument

This seems to be a perfect example of how to lose an argument.

Watch the video:

Watch Joe Kennedy III Demonstrate Why We Need Gun Reform – Now

Joe Kennedy III knows why we need gun reform. The U.S. Representative explained, “We heard it after Sandy Hook. You heard it after Aurora. You heard it after Arizona. That these mass shootings are the result of somebody suffering with mental illness and the only thing we can do is address this as a mental illness problem.

Two main points:

1. Still in the “mental health” frame = losing strategy. Is it that hard to understand?
The more you repeat their talking points, the slimmer your chances of winning the argument.

2. “If we do this, if we…” doesn’t show resolve or strength. Again a losing strategy.

Compare this to:

1. Gun safety appeals also to conservative/republican audience
NOT: gun control. Alternatives: Gun reform / School safety

2. How’s this for resolve?

“We came here prepared … we know what we want … we don’t have a choice …
we didn’t fail, the people around us failed us … we will vote you out …
they must do right by us or they will lose their jobs … this is to every lawmaker …
we will come after you … ”


This 17-year-old’s powerful message to our elected officials about gun safety is going viral.