Zusammenarbeit / Work with me

Peter Drucker once said “Strategy is just a big word for doing the right things.”
Cutting through complexity requires deep understanding. And deep understanding
is hard work. And though it looks simple, it is not easy.

I help my clients become better problem solvers and continually improve
on three levels: people, process, and results.

We tend to work together through a few key questions:

Why are you doing what you’re doing? What are your values and mission?
What are you doing? What value are you creating, and for whom?
How are you doing it? How well do you control your processes and are you improving?

Here is what clients say about working together:

“Vincent is a person you can trust 100% and the good thing about him is
that you feel that quality from the first moment you meet him. He is very
interested in your problems, preferences et cetera. and is always searching
for solutions which you appreciate and above all which you understand.“

“To this success Vincent’s contribution was significant. Apart from enjoying working
with him, we profited strongly from his vaste and practice-based know-how.“

Vincent is fully proficient in english, german and dutch.

Write me an email at me@vincentvanderlubbe.com or call me at
+34 696 27 88 72 (Spain, mobile). Happy to help and if I can’t,
if possible point you in the right direction.